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Battle Royale by Heather Massey

The final volume of Heather Massey’s A Villainous Affair races toward a spectacular finish as revolution-hungry supervillains Ruby and Nathan Darling reach the end of their journey to gain unrivaled power in the underworld and beyond, all for a shot at transforming England into the social justice utopia of their dreams.

After rising to the top of the underworld, a series of tragic losses sends Ruby tumbling down to rock bottom. Her enemies foil her attempt to seize the throne—crushing her dream of social reform—and her criminal empire is in tatters. Only a miracle can reverse her misfortune because Nathan is gone, and she has nothing left but overwhelming grief.

Having stopped the Darlings’ reign of villainy, Eleanor Marson resumes her duties commanding the League of Vigilance. Life returns to normal—until Queen Victoria abruptly summons her to Buckingham Palace on the same day a mysterious rebellion flares to life in the city of London.

A Villainous Affair is a serial story in novel form with several point-of-view characters and best read in order. Books 1-3 end with a cliffhanger. Happily Ever After guaranteed.

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Friends to Lovers Steampunk / Dieselpunk

Series Number
Book #4

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