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Axxeon King’s Captive by Liz Paffel

She’s too busy trying to save humanity to become an alien baby mama!

Scientist Alora Church barely leaves her lab long enough to remember that Axxeon aliens have invaded Earth. When her best friend is Summoned to become an alien breeder, Alora is prepared to help her run. Until two huge Axxeon warriors show up… and take Alora captive instead.

She thinks there’s nothing worse than being taken as an alien incubator… but she’s wrong. Very wrong.

Tryllin, King of the Axxeon made a pact with Earth’s leaders to save them from genocide in exchange for select females. They have a common enemy, one that has infiltrated Earth and Tryllin is prepared to destroy. But he needs the scientist’s help, willing or not.


She does not remember, but they have met before. When he first prepared her for her destiny. Now it’s time for her to make a sacrifice… until he suspects she’s also his fated mate. Can he make his captive a willing bride, or will destiny leave his arms empty?

AXXEON KING’S CAPTIVE is an alpha Sci Fi Romance with all the feels, romance, and sci-fi action you crave!

Series Number
Book #1

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