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Awoken from the Deep by Octavia Kore

One touch was all it took to show him they were everything he needed.

Esme lost the one thing that made her time in captivity with the Grutex bearable. Even now, after her escape from the labs and her tormentor, the memory of those days haunt her. Yet from the depths of her darkest dreams, something precious calls out to her, something she thought she would never have. Esme will risk everything, even her own life, to answer the call and find out what fate has in store for her.

Life inside the dome is nothing like Kythea imagined it would be. She finds herself struggling to let go of her past and the duties she was forced to leave behind, but the decision of one small human female entangles their fates and leads them to a male who will change their lives forever. Now, with her first heat fast approaching, Kythea must choose between the family who raised her, and the family the goddess has blessed her with.

They say every person is a villain in at least one person’s story, but with the things Xuvri has done in the past, he’s sure he is the lead in more nightmares than he can count. With his body broken and infection setting in, Xuvri thinks it’s the end, but fate has other plans. He’s unstable, violent, and possessive, but can he ensure the safety of his family while keeping the madness that plagues him at bay?

Can these broken, lost, and scared fated mates make it through the tumultuous storm to the rainbow at the end?

Series Number
Book #3

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