V. C. Lancaster

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Ruth’s Bonded by V. C. Lancaster

When Ruth finds herself abducted and thrown into a cell with a big scary alien, naturally she’s terrified. At first.

Gron’s Fated by V. C. Lancaster

Ruth and Gron have finally arrived on his home planet after falling in love when they were both abducted.

UnBonded by V. C. Lancaster

For years, Kranu has only wanted one thing: to belong to a Queen. To be wanted, valued. Not to be passed over in the prime of his life.

Ruth’s Baby by V. C. Lancaster

The Gandry tribe has settled down after Moira’s arrival, but Ruth still feels that something is wrong.

Krol’s Goddess by V. C. Lancaster

Krol doesn’t trust females. His brother’s Queen tried to kill their son, and killed him when Krol escaped with the baby.

The E.T. Guy by V. C. Lancaster

It’s 2266, and Lois Kennedy is an Intake Officer for DETI, the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration.

The New Guy by V. C. Lancaster

Maggie works in Enquiries at DETI (The Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration) and they’re a little under-staffed.

The Security Guy by V. C. Lancaster

Anna has been sent to the San Diego branch of the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration from her London PR company to negotiate a contract.

The Guy Next Door by V. C. Lancaster

Kez is a Teissian refugee living in San Diego in the year 2267, working at the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration, and he doesn’t like much.