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Thea Landen

    All of Thea Landen's books on SFR Station.

    Elysium by Thea Landen

    Two years have passed since April Patterson’s husband was shot and killed in the line of duty, and she’s trapped in a haze of grief and uncertainty.

    Fire Beyond the Frost by Thea Landen

    Following a failed relationship with her supervisor at work, Dr. Catalina Frost volunteers her services with a charitable organization providing medical aid to those in need.

    Out of Orbit by Thea Landen

    Following an explosive space battle, Captain Jasmine Hale’s escape pod crash lands on an unknown planet.

    Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen

    Astrid Carlisle enjoys her job at Satera Industries, the massive interplanetary organization whose enigmatic leader is concerned with profits first and legalities second.