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Tasha Black

    All of Tasha Black's books on SFR Station.

    Tesla by Tasha Black

    A space-pirate-in-training, a shape-shifting barbarian with an ancient secret, and a baby boy who just might be the clone of Nikola Tesla…

    Augmented by Tasha Black

    Taken against his will, Edward Dalton wakes to find himself prisoner to the paramilitary organization that’s haunted his dreams since they left him broken and lost all those years ago.

    Indiana by Tasha Black

    She needs to get this gorgeous alien undercover. And all he wants is to get her under the covers.

    Hawkeye by Tasha Black

    Soft-spoken Trinity loves her friends and her quiet life as an IT specialist for the police academy.

    Buck by Tasha Black

    She’s the ultimate introverted artist. But this irresistible alien is determined to draw her out…

    Solo by Tasha Black

    This special effects artist is a master of illusion. But her alien intended is determined to solve the mystery of her past.

    Burton by Tasha Black

    She’s hunting a gang of bee rustlers. But her sexy alien companion is on the hunt for her heart.

    Riggs by Tasha Black

    This by-the-numbers accountant is way out of her comfort zone. It’s up to one sexy alien to prove that she can count on him.

    Noxx by Tasha Black

    The Alien Adoption Agency is going to make all of Luna’s dreams come true.

    Kade by Tasha Black

    She’s the target of an intergalactic bounty hunt. But he’s going to capture her heart.