S. J. Sanders

All of S. J. Sanders's books on SFR Station.

Red by S. J. Sanders

There were certain truths everyone knew.

White by S. J. Sanders

Before Arie and her mates, there was Emala.

First Contact by S. J. Sanders

Before humanity met the Budo, before humans were sold for breeding compatibility experimentation to the Agraak, there was a crash landing on an unknown world—Earth.

The VaDorok by S. J. Sanders

First contact changed things on Earth. It opened new, only previously imagined, possibilities.

Hearts of Indesh by S. J. Sanders

If you want love, why not steal some hearts?

The Edoka’s Destiny by S. J. Sanders

Destiny Delaine has had enough.

Eliza’s Miracle by S. J. Sanders

Eliza is the new ambassador from Earth. It fulfills all her career ambitions, but her life is a lie.

The Vori’s Mate by S. J. Sanders

Reggie was a society girl, a castoff wife, soon to-be divorcee, stolen away from Earth, a victim of her own bad choices.

A Kiss on Kaidava by S. J. Sanders

Cara has been looking forward to her happily ever after.

The Vori’s Secret by S. J. Sanders

Some secrets can topple nations.

A Mate for Oigr by S. J. Sanders

Join the crew of The Lady’s Fortune once again for another Mate Index holiday novella.

Heart of the Agraak by S. J. Sanders

Agraadax was shaken by recent events and the breeding facility closed, but it has done little to ease the simmer of unrest rippling through Agraak society.

A Gift for Medif by S. J. Sanders

With everyone away celebrating the holidays with their families, Medif is the lone male out.

Broken Earth by S. J. Sanders

Veral’monushava’skahalur is an oddity among his species, a lone Argurma cyborg divorced from his own kind by choice and to escape termination as a malfunctioning unit.

Huntress by S. J. Sanders

Heidi was raised to be a huntress ever since the Order took her off the streets and trained her in the deadly arts.

The Librarian and the Beast by S. J. Sanders

Beni has lived a charmed existence in Dunvar Citadel, but one that is coming quickly to an end.