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S. J. Sanders

    All of S. J. Sanders's books on SFR Station.

    First Contact by S. J. Sanders

    Before humanity met the Budo, before humans were sold for breeding compatibility experimentation to the Agraak, there was a crash landing on an unknown world—Earth.

    Heart of the Agraak by S. J. Sanders

    Agraadax was shaken by recent events and the breeding facility closed, but it has done little to ease the simmer of unrest rippling through Agraak society.

    Broken Earth by S. J. Sanders

    Veral’monushava’skahalur is an oddity among his species, a lone Argurma cyborg divorced from his own kind by choice and to escape termination as a malfunctioning unit.

    Huntress by S. J. Sanders

    Heidi was raised to be a huntress ever since the Order took her off the streets and trained her in the deadly arts.