Linda Mooney

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Beauty’s Alien Beast by Linda Mooney

As an intergalactic cop gifted with psionic abilities, Maurra instinctively went to the Ellinod’s defense when she saw the immense and bestial-looking alien being attacked by a group of vicious Kronners.

HeartFast by Linda Mooney

They are the Guardians, sixteen special men and women with incredible powers who have sworn their lives to the protection of their galaxy, while upholding the laws of their world.

HeartCrystal by Linda Mooney

They are the Guardians. Sixteen special men and women with incredible powers, who have sworn their lives to the protection of their galaxy, while upholding the laws of their world.

HeartStorm by Linda Mooney

They are the Guardians.

Mine Until Midnight by Linda Mooney

He gambled and won something more valuable than money. He won love.

Vall’s Will by Linda Mooney

A Nion warrior never kills. Never. But this time, she may have to destroy the man she loves.

Neverwylde 1 by Linda Mooney

Two species, bitter enemies, are determined to destroy each other, until they realize they need one another to survive a major catastrophe.

Neverwylde 2 by Linda Mooney

Worse than losing his life would be to lose the woman he loves.

Neverwylde 3 by Linda Mooney

Just when they thought surviving on a strange half world couldn’t get more difficult…Kyber, Kelen, and the crew are proven wrong once again.

Neverwylde 4 by Linda Mooney

On a half-world filled with danger and deception, the only thing keeping them sane and safe was their love.

Neverwylde 5 by Linda Mooney

Finding themselves on yet another new part of the half-world, Kyber and the crew need to escape quickly or risk death, but he can’t find it in himself to care anymore. His Kelen is gone.

Neverwylde 6 by Linda Mooney

Finally rescued from the half-world, Kyber and Kelen believed the worst was behind them. They were wrong.

Lord of Thunder by Linda Mooney

Annie Mayall was a young bride, brought to Montana in 1940 by her new husband to start their new life together…

Passion of Thunder by Linda Mooney

Rion and Annie have made a home for themselves on Rion’s world.

Wings of Thunder by Linda Mooney

As the days flow into weeks, and weeks become months, Rion finds Annie slowly becoming more and more despondent with homesickness, melancholy, and the growing need to see her home world again.

Deep by Linda Mooney

As one of Earth’s Galactic Enforcers, Lawn Bascomb is assigned to Area R6Y6 for the duration of one year.

The Charm by Linda Mooney

She sold herself to a dark and angry master. He bought her, hoping she would save his world, and himself.

A Different Yesterday by Linda Mooney

Apocalypse. It didn’t come because of man’s inhumanity to man.

The Final Pleasure by Linda Mooney

He fully expected to die, until he met a woman who gave him every reason to live.

Jexx by Linda Mooney

He couldn’t die without her, and he wouldn’t die with her. Not if she had anything to say about it.

Forbitten by Linda Mooney

Not all who are bitten are turned.

The Gifted by Linda Mooney

One man’s love stood between her powers and Earth’s annihilation.

The Gifting by Linda Mooney

Her world had sent her into space to die. Now it wants her back to make sure she does.

His By Right by Linda Mooney

She thought they were saving her life. She was wrong.

Runner’s Moon: Jebaral by Linda Mooney

He was one of thirty-one aliens who had landed on this remote world and dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities.

The Battle Lord’s Lady by Linda Mooney

Their love would spawn a dynasty.

Runner’s Moon: Tiron by Linda Mooney

Nearly six years ago they landed on Earth — thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty.

Runner’s Moon: Simolif by Linda Mooney

Almost seven years ago they landed on Earth — thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty.

Her Battle Lord’s Desire by Linda Mooney

Besieged by Bloods and placed on a hunger watch, the citizens of the mutant compound of Wallis turn to the one person they pray will help, the Battle Lord of Alta Novis.

A Battle Lord’s Heart by Linda Mooney

Forced to leave Atty behind under the protection of Alta Novis, Yulen D’Jacques takes his troops to his newly acquired compound of Bearinger…

One Battle Lord’s Fate by Linda Mooney

On their first anniversary, Yulen is making plans to surprise Atty with a celebration unlike anything she’s ever experienced.

This Battle Lord’s Quest by Linda Mooney

The last time Yulen spoke to her, Atty was heading east, along with Fortune Kalich and several other hunters.

Runner’s Moon: Challa by Linda Mooney

She was one of thirty-one aliens who escaped the slave ship where she had been kept captive all of her life.

Every Battle Lord’s Nightmare by Linda Mooney

Determined in his quest to bring peace between Normal and Mutah compounds, Yulen D’Jacques accepts an invitation for him and Atty to attend a summit conference in the distant westerly province of Corado.

Runner’s Moon: Yarrolam by Linda Mooney

When they landed on Earth after escaping the Arra slave ship, Yarrolam swore he’d never do manual labor again after years of brutal slavery.

Their Battle Lord’s Sacrifice by Linda Mooney

Even though the truce between Mutahs and Normals, established by Battle Lord Yulen D’Jacques and his Battle Lady, Atty, is getting stronger and becoming more widespread, there are still divisions

His Battle Lord’s Curse by Linda Mooney

Things seem to have settled down among the people of Alta Novis.

Veils by Linda Mooney

After three tours of duty, and serving the last four years overseas, Griffin Strong is looking forward to finally returning home and living out his life without bombings and bloodshed.

Lucien by Linda Mooney

As the youngest Battle Prince, Lucien D’Jacques is discouraged because the affinities with weapons that his siblings have shown aren’t showing up in him.

Mistelle by Linda Mooney

Stories of the Battle Lord and Lady of Alta Novis’s exploits have reached far and wide.

Knight of Darkness by Linda Mooney

Sorrow Knight knew that at any time the U’Nar would attack Earth, but he needed a few more days to come out of chrystasis before he could fight the deadly enemy

My Strength, My Power, My Love by Linda Mooney

Once in every one million births, a child is born on Bellac with the Synergistic gene.

Rhea 41070 by Linda Mooney

Bock Gammon is a freedom runner. A man with a space ship for hire.

Return to Neverwylde by Linda Mooney

Things have been quiet on Neverwylde, but everyone has been busy.

Lovin’ Large by Carolyn Gregg & Linda Mooney

Asa Kelby, Director of Entrapment for WesCept, never knows what his job will entail day in and day out.

My Battle Lord’s Passion by Linda Mooney

The battle lord and lady of Alta Novis are still recovering from disease and loss, but things are slowly getting back to normal.