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Greta van der Rol

    All of Greta van der Rol's books on SFR Station.

    Starheart by Greta van der Rol

    Freighter Captain Jess Sondijk thought she had her life under control until Confederacy Admiral Hudson stops her ship in search of contraband.

    The Demon’s Eye by Greta van der Rol

    Krystina Merkos is reluctant to leave her home planet, but agrees it’s best that her father doesn’t have to concern himself with her safety while he fights a civil war.

    The Stuff of Legend by Greta van der Rol

    When history professor Olivia Jhutta receives a distress call from her parents, she sets out into space with their business partner, her grandmother and injured Confederacy Admiral Jak Prentiss to find them.

    Escape from Shar Burk by Greta van der Rol

    When Chet, Toreni, and Jirra rescue Marisa, mistress of Shar Burk’s brutal governor Soldar, from certain death they think they’re just helping a fellow woman to a new life.

    The Thunder Egg by Greta van der Rol

    History Professor Drew Torson’s purchase of a thunder egg at a market leads to an astonishing discovery when what should have been just a rock… hatches.