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Calla Zae

    All of Calla Zae's books on SFR Station.

    An Alien Rescue by Calla Zae

    Emma is on vacation with her six siblings to ring in the New Year with everything auspicious and nothing to do with broken relationships, disappointments, and heartache.

    An Alien Crush by Calla Zae

    When a heroic star-being saves Sasha from horrific beasts, she develops a crush on him, sparking hope in her heart.

    An Alien Dare by Calla Zae

    “I love challenges, and you’re the most captivating challenge to cross my path. I will unravel you.”

    An Alien Storm by Calla Zae

    Battered and bruised from a previous relationship, Vanessa now prefers a quiet life as a chef on a new planet.

    An Alien Lore by Calla Zae

    Scarred from a painful past, Rita is an artist embracing a new life on a vibrant planet where she’s captivated by a mysterious lore that links her to love.