Anne Kane

All of Anne Kane's books on SFR Station.

Running from the Cyborg by Anne Kane

Running from an enemy she can’t see for reasons she doesn’t understand.

Her Cyborg Lover by Anne Kane

Natalie’s loved and lost, and she’s not so sure she wants to risk her heart again.

Taming the Cyborg by Anne Kane

Although he doesn’t understand why his brother chose to bond with a human female, Noah agrees to be the official cyborg witness at the birth of the cyborg/human couple’s first son.

A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg by Anne Kane

Liam is the most deliciously bothersome cyborg Emma has ever met.

Kidnapping the Cyborg by Anne Kane

Plan: Seduce the Cyborg, kidnap him and force him to help her escape. What could possibly go wrong?

Stranded On Earth by Anne Kane

Liisa’s passion is books, the kind they used to print when humanity still inhabited Earth.