Alana Khan

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Shadow by Alana Khan

Can two broken people release their demons, open their hearts, and find lasting love?

Tyree by Alana Khan

Can love be the transformation they need to survive?

Devolose by Alana Khan

Her friends say she’s fallen for the devil.

Drayke by Alana Khan

The battle is on, for the Three Gates, and her heart.

Axxios and Braxxus by Alana Khan

They come as a twofer, but Axx isn’t able to love.

Dax by Alana Khan

Dax is ready for love after escaping a lifetime of slavery.

Sirius by Alana Khan

Can this genetic “Product” of the Federation and the isolated Earth female who rescues him transcend their barriers and learn to love?

Sextus by Alana Khan

Sextus is a cynical scofflaw.

Thantose by Alana Khan

Thantose, the brazen, brash, and ballsy pirate captain, wants me to pull him by a leash, his perfect body barely covered by a bejeweled loincloth.

Ssly by Alana Khan

Mysterious hover-chariot racer Ssly believes he’s destined to compete in the dangerous sport until the inevitable day his luck runs out.