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Aubin by Annabelle Rex

Sophie Cotton doesn’t want to take the Match test that will find her perfect partner among the billions of members of the Intergalactic Community. She’s got a great life and a successful business as a lifestyle vlogger with her long term Human boyfriend, Anthony. So they might not be mathematically proven to be ‘perfect’ for each other – does it really matter when you’re in love? But when Anthony, puts her in an impossible position, Sophie is left with no choice. Now she has just six weeks before her alien Match, Aubin, arrives. It’s barely long enough to get over a broken heart, never mind feel ready to open it up again to someone else.

Aubin knows the situation with Sophie isn’t ideal. It sucks that the Match he’s been waiting for all his life probably doesn’t want anything to do with him. Worse, from watching her videos, she seems like exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t have been Matched with him. She’s wealthy and likes her home comforts. He’s a delivery pilot who spends his time travelling the far reaches of space. How could their auras ever be compatible? But when Sophie sends him a slightly tipsy message, he sees a side of her he hasn’t seen in any of her videos. As the two of them correspond back and forth, Aubin realises that the real Sophie is someone he could fall hard for. But can he convince her to give up her perfect dream life with Anthony for a perfect reality with him?

A steamy science fiction romance featuring a heart-sore heroine who needs to rediscover herself and a cinnamon roll alien hero who’s exactly the right guy to help her…

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Alien Contact Fated Mates M / F Slow Burn

Series Number
Book #5

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