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Ar’Tok by Alana Khan

The Galaxy Gladiators recently rescued Ar’Tok from a life of enforced servitude. While learning comms to earn his keep, he accidentally stumbled into secret nightly communications with a mysterious female named Star.

Although they develop emotional and sensual intimacy during their talks, Ar’Tok never dreamed they’d meet in person. How will she react when the male she meets looks nothing like the attractive pictures of his race she’s been crushing on for months?


I’ve been completely alone on this satellite since my parents died four years ago. I’m human—an illegal—there’s no safe harbor for me anywhere in the galaxy. I hadn’t allowed myself to acknowledge my soul-crushing isolation until my nightly conversations with Ar’Tok allowed me to connect with another living being for the first time in years. When my oxygenator malfunctions, he races halfway across the sector to rescue me. Although he looks nothing like I expected, it’s not his appearance that’s the problem.


Since she didn’t recoil at my scarred face and body, Star will surely hate me when she learns of my shameful past. Not even the gladiators know the truth. Maybe a miracle will happen when we share Blessed Peace Week together on the infamous Pleasure Planet.

Join Star and Ar’Tok on their journey to Paragon during the happy holiday. In addition to the drama, excitement, and passion you’ve come to expect from an Alana Khan book, you’ll have lots of fun adventures and laughter as you travel with this couple and the entire crew. This standalone book by bestselling author Alana Khan has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Publisher’s Note: Fall in love again for the first time. Oh, and did I mention Ar’Tok’s hair has a mind of it’s own and can participate in bedroom activities?

For readers 18+. There are explicit, steamy sex scenes throughout this book.

Series Number
Book #10

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