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Aria’s Ascension by Stacy Jones

They should’ve never taken her. Now, she’s going to show them just what happens when you get between a woman and her mates.

After being caught by the Overlord, Aria is sent back to Earth with her memory wiped. But, the mental suppression isn’t strong enough to control her forever. Bit by bit, it begins to crack.

Until, finally, she remembers…  

The arena. Her mates. The hundreds of slaves she’d sworn to free.

She remembers everything.

With the suppression constantly trying to drag her under, she struggles to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t. But one thing she knows for sure: she must find a way to leave Earth and get back to the alien slave planet.

The Overlord should’ve killed her when he had the chance, because nothing will keep her from returning to Tirox and Kix. When she gets back, she’s going to take him down, claim her mates, then take over the planet. 

Who said plotting world domination was only for the bad guys? Sometimes, to be the hero, you have to get your hands dirty. 

But, not everything is as it seems. And when she finds out the truth, it could change everything… 


Taken Series

Series Number
Book #2

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