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Angel Rising by Cairo Ford

She’s the free-spirited captain who can’t find her way…

Beautiful. Righteous. Lost. Angelica Justice is a warrior without a war, fighting on long after the peace treaty is signed. The only person she trusts is her AI companion, Odysseus, whose existence she has to keep secret to protect them both.

Alek. Bale. Maddox. Sateo.

Mercenary. Genius. Veteran. Warrior-monk. Each of them works alone, haunted by the ghosts of war, exile and loss.

They never expected to find everything they needed in the depths of blackest space — in her, the captain of their hearts.

Stealing them was the smartest thing she’d ever done.

Angel Rising is a full-length polyamorous/ménage space adventure featuring a kickass heroine, her AI best friend, and four sexy men who have no idea what’s about to hit them straight in the heart.

Series Number
Book #1

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