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Anatu of the Human by Marie Dry

A marriage with a mission!

That’s what cyborg Anatu keeps telling herself. Volunteering to marry the human president of Earth, John Davies, was a sacrifice she was willing to make in order to convince this president to use his army to war against the clones fighting alongside the cyborgs. But after the wedding, Anatu has her own battle, the surprising attraction she feels to John. Each day—and every night—he seduces her without committing his troops to fight against the cyborgs. She needs to stay focused on her assignment, but her new husband makes her organic heart beat a little faster, especially when he treats her with such kindness. It was too much hope this human could care for her.

Because when it comes down to the choice between her and saving his human race, how will John ever choose his alien wife?

Series Number
Book #2

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