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An Alien Lore by Calla Zae

“I like this disheveled look on you. It makes me want to get messy with you.”

Scarred from a painful past, Rita is an artist embracing a new life on a vibrant planet where she’s captivated by a mysterious lore that links her to love. When an attractive star-being—who she’s been secretly sketching from memory—appears in front of her, she struggles between walking toward love and running away from it.

Jarzell, an impatient soldier who thrives on urgency is fascinated by Rita’s unique ability to slow him down, urging him into the unfamiliar. As he tangles with his emotions, danger surfaces, creating disorder in himself and those around him.

Is their love a masterpiece in its beginning stages? Or is this romance creating an inconceivable mess that they can’t disentangle from?

Series Number
Book #5

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