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Amir by Ami Wright

Duty bound, undone by the scent of her heat.

Zara is on a girls’ vacation with her friends when she’s snatched out of the crowd at the closing ceremony of the gladiator games. She’s rescued by Amir, the champion gladiator. She is instantly drawn to his athletic body and kind nature, but he’s not looking for a mate. As political tensions rise, can her alien bodyguard keep her safe? Forced together for her protection, their powerful attraction makes her long for what she can’t have. Can she guard her heart? Or is it already lost to her knight in shining armor?

Amir is about to be crowned champion of the annual gladiator games. He’s one step away from being appointed as a royal guard in the shahra’s household. It’s a prestigious prize he’s worked his whole life to achieve. Only unmated Ardun are eligible for the royal guards. So falling in love would spell disaster. His monarch charges him with protecting the beautiful human female. Her tantalizing smell enthralls him. Her every action is a temptation. Then the scent of her heat sends him into a rut. Will he risk losing his dream?

Series Number
Book #1

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