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Alien’s Bride by Rena Marks

Mail Order Brides. Such an archaic custom. But when an ad is circulated through Earth-Ground and the nine floating cities, it catches the eye of Cassandra Richter. Xenia has some of the most world-renowned doctors in reproductive endocrinology, including the famous Dr. Irina Mescar. This may be her one chance at having a baby.

Milo: He knows the delicate human female is his the first time he lays eyes on her. However, Cassandra Richter doesn’t feel the same. Instead she worships his Xeno Sapien brother, Landon. There’s nothing he can do but love her from afar—and hate Landon for stealing his one shot at happiness.

Cassie: While Cassie is drugged to the hilt with the pheromone-reading serum she’s dubbed Love Potion #9, the Xeno Sapien who catches her eye is magnificent. Sculpted and muscular, a sexy blue dream. He’s the one for her. Landon Xeno Sapien. Unfortunately, he’s not the one who triggers her compatibility. No, her friend and sponsor, Milo, does.

But Landon nurtures the same feelings for her as she does for him. Can she forego having a child to have him instead? 

Series Number
Book #14

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