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Alien Warlord’s Passion by Nancey Cummings

She’ll do anything for her son.
Even marry an alien.

Rosemary left Earth to make a better life for her seven-year-old son. She’s got a good job, a nice house, and one minor problem: she needs to marry a Mahdfel warrior if she wants to stay.

Better the devil you know…

She can take her chances and marry a stranger or she can accept an offer from an unlikely candidate: Mene. She doesn’t like him and she thought he didn’t like her. He can barely look at her without snarling. But then again, none of the other warriors are any better.

He might not be handsome…

No female can look Mene in the eye and not flinch. But beneath his scarred face and gruff demeanor is a good man. A man who wants a mate and family.

His warrior’s heart burns for the curvaceous and vibrant human female, but she’s very clear she’s not interested in love.

He’ll show her that his passion is anything but fake.

Stand alone, guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers. (I hate those things.)

Series Number
Book #2

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