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Alien Wanted by Julie K. Cohen

Escape Earth. Find an alien husband. Get dumped. Now what?

Emily’s last husband returned her to the mail order bride agency because she’s defective. When the agency matches her to a second alien, he doesn’t show up to claim her. She has two choices: go to the local brothel to earn her keep or be sold off at random to an alien, a Zyanthan Warrior to be precise. Zyanthan males reportedly have two *****. While that will certainly make their time in the bedroom more fun, Emily doesn’t care about physiology. She just wants someone who will be kind to her and who won’t return her to Earth.

The war left Makov with his share of scars and trauma. All he wants is to earn a living raising solcaps on his farm. The money in his pocket had been earmarked for the bank, to cover his debt, but somehow he ends up buying a bride he never wanted. She’s just coming home with him for the night, to give her fiancé the chance to make it to town and claim her. Forget that she brings warmth and humor into his life again. She belongs to another male, and Makov needs his money back or he’ll lose the only thing that matters to him, his property. He doesn’t need a bride. He doesn’t deserve a bride. Drekk… He wants this bride.

A Warrior For Every Bride
Alien Wanted is a steamy Mail Order Bride Romance with a Grumpy Alien, Stuck Together, Strangers to Lovers trope and a few twists along the way. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.

Series Number
Book #1

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