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Alien Sex 106: Pixie and Zeo by Allie Ritch

A shy young virgin, Pixie is shocked when Zeo, the fierce Nimanian student in her Alien Sex Ed class, takes an interest in her. Step by step, Zeo helps awaken her sexuality and teaches her the joys of being a woman. He wants to mate with her in the tradition of his people, but Nimanian sex can be fierce. Can Zeo be gentle enough for the woman he loves? Does Pixie have enough strength to match him?

Find out what happens when an alpha male finds the one female in the universe he wants as his mate.

*Previously published by Liquid Silver Books as part of a two-novella volume titled Alien Sex 103. This work has been revised and re-edited.

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Alien Pairing Erotic / High Heat M / F

Series Number
Book #6

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