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Alien Legacy: The Vampire by Keri Kruspe


From deep within a hidden moon city to the streets of an alien rogue planet comes a tale of elusive love…

Zamush is the stuff of legends. An apex predator of the night, he’s able to control and manipulate others to his will.

The Vampire.

He has lived a lonely life for thousands of years—until he meets her. She’s an alluring and provocative mix of innocence and temptress. His match in every way.

He falls in love at first sight, but her heart belongs to someone else.

Jelena is an outcast, ridiculed for being different. Living in the shadows, she struggles each day to overcome the restless urges plaguing her…until the day she watches a video of a rogue leader fighting to thwart the efforts of the maniacal dictator they live under. Now, her life’s goal is to meet this leader, convinced only he can complete who she is. When that leader is captured and sentenced to a violent execution, she will do anything to save him.

Even trade Zamush for the condemned male.

Zamush willingly agrees to Jelena’s dangerous plan just to be with her. It’s a race against time. Not only are their lives on the line, but he must win her heart before she meets the man of her dreams.

Reader Alert! This book has sizzling sensuality, smart-assed supporting characters, and gut-wrenching action. Guaranteed a HEA love story. This riveting Sci-Fi Romance is intended for mature audiences.

Series Number
Book #4

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