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Alien Goddess: Kat by Zina Wes

When you desperately need to escape from a more-than-dubious space station you’re stranded on and the least insane option is sneaking aboard a Makaen ship, you know you’re screwed. Big-time!

The mere thought of being in the same space as Makaen makes Kat’s stomach churn for the alien warrior race hate humans intensely. Yes, Kat is also half-Cassidi, but her human genes are definitely more dominant, especially on the outside. But to help a friend in need she has no other choice. So, sneaking aboard a Makaen freighter it is.

It’s no surprise that the plan backfires and they get caught. Duh, it was her brother’s idea after all. What does baffles her is that it takes only one electrifying touch from the ship’s captain—a stranger belonging to a species she was taught to stay as far away from as possible—to make her melt into a needy puddle of goo.

Refusing to bond with a human, Dykan leaves Makaen-Prime and his family behind to try his luck as a captain on a freighter transporting mostly illegal merchandise. When he finds stowaways aboard his ship his first thought is to throw them all out of the nearest airlock. But one look into the female’s gorgeous begging eyes is enough to change his mind completely. Even though he doesn’t understand why he is so fascinated by this human female—he has more than enough reason to hate her species—no self-respecting space pirate would refuse what she offers. Too late he realizes that she’s more than he bargained for.

Series Number
Book #2

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