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Alien Goddess: Eden by Zina Wes

Eden’s lifelong dream to join an off-planet archaeological expedition turns into a living nightmare when her vessel gets boarded by Makaen—the alien race humans have been at war with for more than a decade. She’s hunted down and taken prisoner by one seriously pissed-off and fierce-looking Makaen. To make matters worse, he even dares to accuse her of belonging to a smuggling ring. Okay, she was holding a stolen relic when they met, but that was nothing more than a big misunderstanding. It’s evident the alien doesn’t think much of her species. At all. Yet, there’s some kind of weird connection between them even her hyper-rational mind can’t explain, but it’s driving her crazy. The stoic alien has the ability to switch her brain off with just one smoldering gaze. And even though he’s doing his utmost to fight it, his eyes and actions tell her it’s affecting him too.

Damaen Bakan, governor of one of the Makaen colonies, lost the most important thing in his life by a cowardly act committed by humans. Lacking both empathy and compassion, he has no scruples about making every human he encounters pay. Until Eden crosses his path. The female is unlike any other human he has captured and interrogated. Damaen’s trying to withstand her gravitational pull, but it’s so incredibly strong he fears he might not be able to resist her for long. And that’s bad. Very bad. After all, aside from being human, she’s also a criminal of the worst kind. Two very good reasons to avoid her. The last thing he wants is for the female to revive something inside him he assumed was long dead and buried. And then there is the small matter of her possibly being a gift to him from his deity. Yes, the gods must surely hate him.

Contains mature themes.

Series Number
Book #3

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