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Tayrym by Jessica E. Subject

Tayrym has dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender since meeting the infamous Bryce when he was just a boy.

Noah’s Ark by Vijaya Schartz

When Trixie’s starfreighter, Noah’s Ark, drops out of jump space in an uncharted part of the universe, she believes the Earth-like planet on her viewer represents hope and salvation…

An Unexpected Debt by S. J. Pajonas

Hijacked dreams and a high-stakes gamble. Can a young woman secure suitors while trying to soar among the stars?

An Alien Lore by Calla Zae

Scarred from a painful past, Rita is an artist embracing a new life on a vibrant planet where she’s captivated by a mysterious lore that links her to love.

A Mercenary To Love by Landra Graf

There’s only one thing she wants to steal—his heart.

Gib and the Tibbar by Jessica E. Subject

A dedicated Defender to the core, Gib is willing to go to any planet the Galactic Alliance sends him.

Malaika’s Secret by Vijaya Schartz

Special Agent Tyler Conrad works security undercover on the Byzantium Space Station and adheres to a strict moral code.

Arazhi by Tamsin Ley

This alien bought a date at a charity auction. Now he thinks he owns her.

Vawn by Jessica E. Subject

Vawn doesn’t need a mate.

Alien Legacy: The Shapeshifter by Keri Kruspe

A smart-ass alien shifter who struggles against past heartbreak. A woman who isn’t what she thinks she is.

Akira’s Choice by Vijaya Schartz

When bounty hunter Akira Karyudo accepted her assignment, something didn’t add up.

Thorrn by Skye MacKinnon

An alien mercenary in Scotland.

Ren by Nancey Cummings

The red guy. Again.

Alien Legacy: The Empath by Keri Kruspe

An alien empath who long ago shut his emotions down. A lonely woman, unaware of her vital role in preventing an upcoming alien invasion…

Black Dragon by Vijaya Schartz

A gambler is cheating in a den of the Byzantium space station…

Maximus by Alana Khan

Saving Raine from an alien slave auction is Maximus’s first selfless act.

Thran by Alana Khan

Newly-freed slaves are forced together on a dangerous mission.

Orion by Tasha Black

The Arkadian Brides Agency is about to send Hailey to paradise.

Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones

A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret…

Alien Betrayed by Julie K. Cohen

Trust no one…. not the Brotherhood… nor the enticing human female working for them.