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Prophecy by Lea Kirk

One normal day turns into a nightmare when Earth is attacked.

Pay The Piper by Mary Brock Jones

Secrets are revealed; questions must be answered, as two lovers caught in a maelstrom of opposing loyalties face their toughest fights yet.

Resistance by Mary Brock Jones

When two, opposed worlds must fight for their very survival, what chance is there for a pair of duty-plagued lovers caught in the middle?

Destiny by Cassandra Logan

After decades battling a population crisis, Nians are hoping that Earth will be the answer.

The Alpha Prime Commander by Kelly Lucille

Lo Cordan, Commander of the Alpha Prime has known what to expect from his mating since he started having the mating dreams of his kind centuries ago.

Freedom’s Embrace by Rachel Leigh Smith

They made the wrong choice. Putting it right requires going into a war.

Home is the Sailor by Jolie Mason

Captain Aricka Badu left Taarken Prime twelve years ago for very good reasons, and she seldom goes back.

Seeding ERO-5 by Quin Ripley

Taisia’s sex drive is out of control.

The Iron Admiral: Complete Omnibus Edition by Greta van der Rol

On a remote planet a deadly virus is resurrected.

Gray Card by Cassandra Chandler

Her heart is in the stars… and he’s the man who can take her there.

Corin’s Chance by Hannah Walker

Posted to some stars awful cruiser, Dr. Corin Talovich hoped to serve his time quietly and get on with his life, but fate stepped in and decided otherwise.

Mako’s Bounty by Diane Dooley

For nine long months, at the behest of the evil Ravenscorp, Mako Dolan has been hunting the space pirate they call The Saint.

Blue Yonder by Diane Dooley

Earth is drowning, but Isabel Visconti won’t be going down with the planet.

King of the Stars by Elle Michaels

With the galaxy in upheaval, its future rests in the hands of a usurped warrior king and the farm girl that appears in his dreams.

Two to Tango by Nicola Cameron

Rory MacLellan, AKA the Highlander, is the most successful interstellar art thief in the Known Worlds.

The Protector by Diane Burton

After tavern owner Rissa Dix rescues two girls from a slave ship, she must rally the townsfolk to prevent traffickers from raiding the frontier colony.

Titan Rising by Bobbi Ross

When the Syalantian Empire made contact with earth, I jumped at the chance to make my wish come true.

Awakening by Rebel Miller

Kira Metallurgist has always felt she was meant for more.

The Warrior Woman by Evelyn Lederman

Candy Phillips vowed at an early age to control her own destiny.

The Crystal Telepath by Evelyn Lederman

Shirl’s prize possession is the crystal that she always wears around her neck.