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Lover from the Waves by Tiffany Roberts

A lonely widow. A determined kraken. An attraction they can’t resist.

Relevant Tags:
Alien Contact, Alien Pairing, Colonization / Frontier, M / F, Second Chances

Buck by Tasha Black

She’s the ultimate introverted artist. But this irresistible alien is determined to draw her out…

Relevant Tags:
Alien Contact, Alien Pairing, Earth Aliens, Fated Mates, M / F, Mail Order / Dating Agency, Super Humans / Psi Powers / Shifters

Hearts of Indesh by S. J. Sanders

If you want love, why not steal some hearts?

Relevant Tags:
Abduction / Enslavement, Alien Pairing, Humans In Space, M / F

Stranded On Earth by Anne Kane

Liisa’s passion is books, the kind they used to print when humanity still inhabited Earth.

Relevant Tags:
(Post)Apocalyptic, Action / Adventure, Earth Futuristic, M / F

Warriors of St. Antoni by Gail Daley

On the frontier world of St. Antoni, you got tough—or you got dead.

Relevant Tags:
Action / Adventure, Colonization / Frontier, M / F, Parallel / Alternate Universe, Space Western

Return to Neverwylde by Linda Mooney

Things have been quiet on Neverwylde, but everyone has been busy.

Relevant Tags:
A Galaxy Far Far Away, Action / Adventure, Alien Contact, Humans In Space, M / F, Space Opera