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Orion by Tasha Black

The Arkadian Brides Agency is about to send Hailey to paradise.

Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones

A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret…

Alien Betrayed by Julie K. Cohen

Trust no one…. not the Brotherhood… nor the enticing human female working for them.

The Officer’s Mess by L. P. Peace

Trapped on board a Temerin ship, Danielle avoids the aliens who rescued her from the IGC during that fateful explosion.

Lhora by Linda Mooney

The Coltrosstians and the Beinights have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember, but now they have a common enemy…

Feral Prince by Michelle M. Pillow

Prince Roderic hates the diplomacy demanded of his position as a cat-shifter royal.

Traitor: Alien Hunter’s Mate by Hattie Jacks

A fallen warrior… A forgotten human… A love discovered.

Taken By The Mobster by Lily Thomas

As an officer of the law, Isla’s seen the viciousness of crime, but when Haldon, a Vrak’rir mobster, is sent to prison, all hell lets loose around Guit’re.

Vartan by Alana Khan

Born in space. Raised as a pet. I’ve never allowed myself to even dream of love.

Engineering Fate by Alexis B. Osborne

She’s been captured, stuck in a poacher’s cage, and slated for sale, but these aliens don’t know who they’re messing with.

Hidden By The Convicts by Julie K. Cohen

How does a woman survive on a prison planet full of men?

Bane: Alien Warrior’s Redemption by Hattie Jacks

An alien warrior with nothing to live for… A human with everything to lose…

Xacier’s Queen by Lily Thomas

After a year of mated-bliss with Xacier, Samantha only has one last matter to resolve – bringing water to the Kellian people.

Summon the Stars, Vol 1 by Various Authors

Summon the Stars is a thrilling space opera anthology dedicated to badass heroines on action packed science fiction adventures, and the scoundrels—that is, heroes—who love them.

Tied to the Alien Tyrant by Leslie Chase

The alien warlord is trouble.

DaR by Jennifer Julie Miller

n the blink of an eye, my whole world has collapsed around me.

Havoc: Alien Captain’s Alliance by Hattie Jacks

I’m wanted by the Empire and not one, but two massive aliens…

Project: Adapt – Reboot by Jade Waltz

My Circuli nestmates require my constant presence in order to heal making it impossible to accomplish anything else.

Deceiving the Alien by Lily Thomas

Fire, drought, crop failure. Ever since they landed on this planet, it’s been one crisis after another.

Weixler by Alyse Anders

Weixler has a plan for everything.