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Malik by Ami Wright

All his games, undone by the scent of her heat.

Scorched by Heather Fox

Mama always said that when I open my mouth, stupid comes out…

The Alien’s Farmer by Skye MacKinnon & Arizona Tape

No alien abduction is complete without a Highland cow…

Saved by Heather Fox

I always knew the only person who would save me after crash landing on a primitive jungle planet was myself…

Torrvok by Alana Khan

Torrvok, a cunning and skilled warrior, protects Sierra from enemies who hunt them without mercy.

The Alien’s Veterinarian by Skye MacKinnon & Arizona Tape

No space adventure is complete without a cat…

Pets in Space 7 by Various Authors

The award-winning anthology Pets in Space 7 featuring 13 of today’s bestselling SFR authors is back for a limited time!

Cyle by Skye MacKinnon

An alien scientist desperate for answers…

Grit by Julie K. Cohen

Who wants a thief with a target on her back? An alien warrior with nothing to lose.

Thraal by Annabelle Rex

He would master his instincts. For her.

Down To Earth by Alana Khan

Without A’Dar’s help, Maya won’t last an hour.

The Alien’s Zookeeper by Skye MacKinnon & Arizona Tape

The stars gave her a mate… and a rhino.

Eron by Skye MacKinnon

A city girl allergic to animals (and aliens)

War Forged by Sevannah Storm

Being kidnapped by aliens does not sit well with Quinlan.

Her Alien Spymaster by Susan Hayes

She went into cryo-sleep a prisoner and woke up free…

My Big Green Alien Orc by Skye MacKinnon

Aliens are real. I know because they abducted me.

Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna

No one will ever want a brutal warrior like me.

Valeris by Alana Khan

How can a planet capable of interstellar spaceflight use such an outdated method to pick the queen?

Dark by Linda Mooney

With threats of solar flares larger than anything ever recorded looming, everyone on Earth is scrambling to prepare.

Married to the Interstellar Colonist by Ami Wright

Minerva Harris somehow stumbled across the man of her dreams…