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Xeno Sapiens by Rena Marks

Futuristic earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs.

Alien Sex 102: Mera and Trett by Allie Ritch

Mera is the first to benefit when her friends, Xindra and Quinn, start an Alien Sex Ed class.

Runner’s Moon: Simolif by Linda Mooney

Almost seven years ago they landed on Earth — thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty.

Expendable by Adell Ryan

Less than a month has passed since I was unexpectedly torn away from my ordinary life.

The Cyborg’s Secret Baby by Cynthia Sax

A fierce cyborg warrior and his curvy human female share a no-longer-so-little secret.

Dances with Raptors by Poppy Woods

The next matriarch has been chosen…

Lady Doctor Wyre by Joely Sue Burkhart

In a universe where ladies rule supreme…

Alien Sex 101: Xindra and Quinn by Allie Ritch

Everything you wanted to know about alien sex but were afraid to ask.

The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold by Sela Carsen

Rig sidUlfr wants peace on Earth.

Stellar Affair by Laurel Richards

As two groups of human colonists fight over territory, Ardra is caught in the middle.

Ghost Of A Machine by Cynthia Sax

Fragile. Stubborn. His.

The Guy Next Door by V. C. Lancaster

Kez is a Teissian refugee living in San Diego in the year 2267, working at the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration, and he doesn’t like much.

Runner’s Moon: Tiron by Linda Mooney

Nearly six years ago they landed on Earth — thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty.

Switching Positions by Allie Ritch

As a member of the dominant sex on Pandora II, Dalera is expected to marry a nice local boy and settle down.

The Battle Lord’s Lady by Linda Mooney

Their love would spawn a dynasty.

Silver Wolf Rising by Sela Carsen

Dagny tärEinar is on her way to Earth to start her new life.

Hers To Command by Cynthia Sax

Three Battered Hearts. One Perfect Love.

The Colony by Laurel Richards

Not everyone will make it out alive.

After The Fall by Kyndra Hatch

The Invaders took everything worth living for. Can an Invader show him how to live again?

Warrior of the Stars by Lucee Joie

Sometimes, in the corporate world, the only way to find love is to be abducted by aliens.