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Forsaken Planet by Rinelle Grey

When Kerit follows his brother half way across the galaxy to help terraform an inhospitable planet, he expects to be uncomfortable.

Relevant Tags:
Colonization / Frontier, M / F

Hey, Santa by Jessica E. Subject

She doesn’t want a lot for Christmas…

Relevant Tags:
Earth Aliens, Holiday, M / F

At Star’s End by Anna Hackett

Dr. Eos Rai has spent a lifetime dedicated to her mother’s dream of finding the long lost Mona Lisa.

Relevant Tags:
Action / Adventure, Humans In Space, M / F

The King’s Mistress by Rachel Leigh Smith

Freedom has a cost. Can A’yen pay it without losing his soul?

Relevant Tags:
M / F, Space Opera, Super Humans / Psi Powers / Shifters

Destiny’s Shift by Carly Fall

One hundred and fifty years ago, Warrior Jovan of the Six Saviors realized he had a gift: the ability to feel emotions through touch.

Relevant Tags:
Earth Aliens, M / F, Super Humans / Psi Powers / Shifters

Soul Stealer by Anna Hackett

Schoolteacher Cate Hartmann was kidnapped and forced to use her psychic ability to kill.

Relevant Tags:
Action / Adventure, M / F, Military / Spies / Soldiers / Mercenaries / Prison, Super Humans / Psi Powers / Shifters

Kuralon Rescue by Greta van der Rol

Follow your dreams. You never know where they might lead you.

Relevant Tags:
A Galaxy Far Far Away, Action / Adventure, M / F, Space Opera

Morgan’s Choice by Greta van der Rol

Somewhere out in space, humanity’s past is about to catch up with its future.

Relevant Tags:
A Galaxy Far Far Away, Action / Adventure, M / F, Space Opera

Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer

A short story with a sweet romance on a distant planet.

Relevant Tags:
Holiday, M / F, Super Humans / Psi Powers / Shifters

Mirror Reformed by K. G. Stutts

The ISC’s most dangerous foe, the Synth, is threatening Earth.

Relevant Tags:
Cyborgs / Clones / AI / Androids, Earth Aliens, M / F

Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

Remy Belieux, a woman born into a life of servitude on a repressive factory planet, is desperate for a different life.

Relevant Tags:
Dystopia, M / F

Snatched by Vijaya Schartz

Snatched from a post-apocalyptic battlefield by galactic traders, Zania is sold to a clandestine ring of fighting Amazons on a planet lush with green jungles and teeming with deadly felines.

Relevant Tags:
Abduction / Enslavement, M / F, Time Travel