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Last Run of the Ice Duchess by Shona Husk

Bern Ober is on a discreet mission to the Evron starsystem of the breakaway Distan Colonies to gain support for a band of revolutionaries in the Terran Republic.

Rose, Awake by A. W. Cross

Every rose has its thorns.

Neverwylde 6 by Linda Mooney

Finally rescued from the half-world, Kyber and Kelen believed the worst was behind them. They were wrong.

Severed by Shona Husk

Halle Ish, one of Velli’s elite police Arrows, is shot down during a Precinct One riot.

Bond Proof by E. G. Manetti

In defiance of the odds, Lilian is within a month of proving her bond, driving desperate Odds Managers to ever increasing bounties on her life—every step beyond the security of the cartel is perilous

His Precious Cargo by Ava Cuvay

One illicit lap dance becomes a flight for their lives.

Sarda by Bex McLynn

Lost in space? Ech, they’ll survive. Losing their hearts? Not without a fight.

Mordjan by Immortal Angel

A cyborg with no hope in technology. An elf with no faith in magic. An impossible mission to find the Ardak Resistance, and only five days left to find a miracle.

Neverwylde 5 by Linda Mooney

Finding themselves on yet another new part of the half-world, Kyber and the crew need to escape quickly or risk death, but he can’t find it in himself to care anymore. His Kelen is gone.

The Darkness Within Us by Brooke Hodge

Normal is not a word Anais would use to describe her life.

Last Ship Off Polaris-G by Carol Van Natta

A bureaucrat and an interstellar trader must overcome treachery and their broken past to save the last inhabitants of a dying planet.

Choosing Chuckles by Cynthia Sax

A Cynical Cyborg Meets A Bad, Bad Female.

Clara, Dreaming by A. W. Cross

For Clara, life is nothing but dreams.

First Flyght by S. J. Pajonas

Her future is brighter than the stars. But one betrayal will change everything…

Warlord’s Bounty by Cynthia Sax

Wanted: One Barbarian Warrior.

Thanemonger by Bex McLynn

If she wanted to survive her alien abduction, then she needed to kick some alien butt.

Angel Rising by Cairo Ford

She’s the free-spirited captain who can’t find her way…

Decaying Orbit by A. R. DeClerck

She vowed to save his life. He vowed to forget her when it was over.

Ajax by K. Cantrell

Looking for love on all the wrong planets…

Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol

She’s pretending to be a man. Will he see through her disguise in time to prove to her that she’s the right woman for him? Or will a little mischief ruin her second chance for love?