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Lovin’ Large by Carolyn Gregg & Linda Mooney

Asa Kelby, Director of Entrapment for WesCept, never knows what his job will entail day in and day out.

Horde King’s Obsession by Gabby Dark

I am the property of alien hordesmen. Well…just one in particular.

Skylar’s Gift by Lea Kirk

He’s kind. He’s gentle. He’s trouble.

Kiran by Kenzie Kelly

Go to space, they said. It’ll be an adventure, they said. They had no idea.

Bane by Regine Abel

The Dragon has awakened, and he will claim his bride.

Braxx by Cara Bristol

She’s given up on love, but love hasn’t given up on her…

Tribe Protector by Stacy Jones

Lily thought she had her hands full with her conflicted feelings over her quickly progressing relationship with Arruk’s wild twin, Drrak, the uneasy truce with the tribe leader, and trying to prove she’s trustworthy to a people who want nothing to do with her.

Tilly Gets Her Man by S. E. Smith

A hunky geek and a determined genius! Feel the passion!

A Mate for Oigr by S. J. Sanders

Join the crew of The Lady’s Fortune once again for another Mate Index holiday novella.

Riggs by Tasha Black

This by-the-numbers accountant is way out of her comfort zone. It’s up to one sexy alien to prove that she can count on him.

Doom by Regine Abel

The Battle for Earth has begun.

Kord by Cara Bristol

She’s a successful Texas restauranteur, but he’s hungry for more than what she’s cooking.

Saving Runt by S. E. Smith

Amelia ‘Runt’ Thomas’ life revolves around a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the most ruthless criminals in the world.

Choosing Theo by Victoria Aveline

Being kidnapped by aliens is only the start of Jade’s problems.

TRAK: Virilian Mail Order Mates by Ella Blake

It seemed like a straightforward agreement: become a mistress to a gorgeous, alien Virilian male until an offspring is produced, then go home with five million dollars.

Tribe Outsider by Stacy Jones

Despite being dumped on a primitive alien world, Lily is adapting to life there, with the help of Frrar, Tor, and Arruk. But they can’t stay in the safety of the caves forever.

Core’s Attack by S. E. Smith

Thrust into a deadly game…. Avery Lennox has been called many names, but bond mate was never one of them.

The Vori’s Secret by S. J. Sanders

Some secrets can topple nations.

Haven 1: Ascend by Sandra R. Neeley

Command Warship 1 is home to one of the most feared males in the multi-verse.

Burton by Tasha Black

She’s hunting a gang of bee rustlers. But her sexy alien companion is on the hunt for her heart.