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Zayn by Marie Dry

In a bid to get the Zyrgin invaders off their planet, Amira had handed one of their warriors a cup of drugged wine.

The Rental by Linda Mooney

In need of extra income, Dane Caravelle applies for a new program that allows other people to “rent” her and lets them essentially live her life.

Alien’s Heart by Nancey Cummings

A former prison planet is no place for a soft heart.

Stranded Hearts by Leslie Chase

There he is, bane of my life and wrecker of my sanity.

Talinn by Veronica Scott

Talinn was a genetically engineered senior soldier in his Badari Warrior pack until unscrupulous laboratory guards faked his death…

Star-Crossed Negotiations by Tessa McFionn

Sometimes the fate of the universe must come before love.

Reede’s Mission to the Sectors by Veronica Scott

Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds…

Taliz by Alana Khan

Taliz avoids people for a reason… his untamed predator.

Seven Days on the Capital Planet: Harmony’s Investigative Report by Alma Nilsson

The Alliance Empire’s second human, Empress Drusilla, has invited Ms. Harmony Lane, a renowned investigative journalist, to the Capital Planet for seven days for an in-depth visit…

Healer Hunted by Robin O’Connor

Pheromone dependency? No way!

Brekk by Alana Khan

Brekk waited a lifetime to find his fated mate.

Shifting Shadows by Danielle Forrest

Don’t trust the shadows…

Amukkan’s Prize by Marie Dry

Did she run from one monster into the arms of a bigger monster?

The Ward of House Rega by Alma Nilsson

Ellie watched her mother’s execution shortly after she arrived in the Alliance Empire. Now she is the Ward of House Rega.

Feral Tamed by Robin O’Connor

I’m stranded on a strange planet and the alien who just rescued me? He thinks I’m his mate.

Sattar by Ami Wright

All his pride, undone by the scent of her heat.

Caldar by Nancey Cummings

Sonia signed up for a two year-long galactic star cruise and now the ship is on literal fire.

Claw by Demelza Carlton

When Claw’s friend calls in a favour, he can’t refuse.

Restaurateur in the Alliance Empire by Alma Nilsson

Jade has just opened the first human restaurant in the illustrious Alliance Empire.

Deviant Challenged by Robin O’Connor

My own people tried to kill me. Now I need to convince this grumpy gladiator to help me.