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Raven’s Sphere by Melissa Koberlein

If she can’t let go of the past, there won’t be a future for anyone.

Devolose by Alana Khan

Her friends say she’s fallen for the devil.

Rescuing Mattie by S. E. Smith

Mattie Abrams has always had a knack for training animals.

Savage Desire by Tiffany Roberts

He’s violent, volatile, and loves a good fight. She’s small and sweet—and everything he craves.

Risteard’s Unwilling Empress by S. E. Smith

Ristéard Roald is the Grand Ruler of Elpidios, a planet that is slowly dying without the Blood Stones needed to absorb the radiation gradually destroying its stratosphere.

Stolen Flyght by S. J. Pajonas

One last mission to secure her birthright. A frozen world and a sinister conspiracy that may cost her land… and her life.

Unexpected by Annalise Alexis

They’ve been missing for a century—an elusive alien species hidden somewhere in the deep expanse of space.

Alien Betrayed by Marie Dry

In a bleak and apocalyptic future, where the Zyrgin Warriors are getting ready to conquer Earth, Marcie is sent to infiltrate the alien stronghold in the Rocky Mountains…

Bound to the Alien Barbarian by Leslie Chase

Crashed on the wrong planet. Stuck with the wrong man. Taken by the right alien.

Rescued by Qaiyaan by Tamsin Ley

With no females left to repopulate his species, this alien captain never expected a human female to make him vulnerable to wicked temptations.

Jo’Aquin by Charmaine Ross

A jaded Starfleet Commander. A lonely human. A fight to free the universe.

Tied Up in Customs by Cassandra Chandler

On the battlefield of desire, he has the advantage.

Mystics by Melissa Koberlein

Will, a teenage host for alien symbiotes, is ridden with grief over the death of his human girlfriend, Marley…

Tyree by Alana Khan

Can love be the transformation they need to survive?

Jo’s Journey by S. E. Smith

Aliens, warships, battles, and a certain alien male were not in the carefully detailed plans Jo had for her life.

Forward by Elizabeth Fyre

When Sandra Phillips stood on the JUMP platform, waiting to be sent into the future, she couldn’t foresee what was going to happen.

The Ozar Triad by Charmaine Ross

Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.

Business or Pleasure by Cassandra Chandler

He thought he was beyond the need for physical pleasure — until he met her.

Protected By the Convicts by Julie K. Cohen

Claimed. Protected. But far from safe. . .

Madas’s Falling Star by S. E. Smith

Can a small reptile from another world save the Princess he has adopted?