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Colony Under Siege: Interstellar Plague by Veronica Scott

Newly graduated from a prestigious interstellar medical school, Dr. Saffia Mandell has been assigned to the Haven Two colony on the galaxy’s outer rim as the only doctor for some 2000 human residents.

Spellbinding His Ranger by Shannon Pemrick

In the game of love, sometimes a little spell is needed.

Freed By The Cyborg by Alyse Anders

A protective cyborg must trust his mate to free his heart.

Heartless by Kate Rudolph

After witnessing the impossible mating of his fellow soulless warrior, Kayde doesn’t expect a denya of his own.

Cosmic Mate by Tasha Black

A hot, horned bodyguard, an intergalactic ambassador, and an unexpected pregnancy…

Export Duty by Cassandra Chandler

Her next delivery will be out of this world!

Healed by the Cyborg by Alyse Anders

To save his mate, he must first heal his heart.

Beauty and the Alien Beast by Sedona Venez

After being abducted from Earth by alien slavers, Ella is rescued by a hot alien warrior who flees with her into the hostile wilderness of his home planet.

Ecstasy from the Deep by Octavia Kore

An enticing savior, an old love, and one deranged alien hell-bent on destroying it all.

Garrant by Annabelle Rex

One teasing touch sets her body aflame…

Fatal Extraction by Evangeline Rain

Nirvana Faust had led her crew of space pirates through years of successful raids without a hitch but now her lucky streak had ended.

Ruthless by Kate Rudolph

Sparks fly when a ruthless alien warrior meets the one woman who can save his soul…

Crowned Mate by Tasha Black

Her crown might be fake, but she still rules his heart…

Invasive Species by Cassandra Chandler

She wanted to curl up with a Sci-fi Romance—she never thought she’d be living one!

Dax by Alana Khan

Dax is ready for love after escaping a lifetime of slavery.

Sawyer’s Mistake by J. R. Pace

Saoirse isn’t tough, but she’s a survivor.

Saved By The Cyborg by Alyse Anders

With the enemy closing in, a cyborg must do everything he can to save his mate.

Claimed by Presley Hall

Recently jobless and homeless, now I’ve been kidnapped by aliens.

Freedom Mine by Julie K. Cohen

Kayo bought a female slave. . . and a world of trouble.

Soulless by Kate Rudolph

Can a man without emotions find his mate?