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Tarkken by Annabelle Rex

Heat bloomed in her body in response to his gaze…

Bird of Prey by Jade Waltz

After many years of endless missions, I have been assigned a task that tests my loyalty.

Her Alien Rebel by Leslie Chase & Juno Wells

He’s Deadly. He’s Ambitious. He’s the Enemy. And he’s made conquering me his goal.

Vork by Ava Ross

He’s cocky, seven-feet-tall, scaly, & green.

Caged with the Beast by Aline Ash

Kidnapped from Earth and locked inside a nightmare, Marissa’s only hope is a notorious killer with fangs.

Stolen by Alison Aimes

He’s a half-Martian Warlord. Savage, dominant, and dangerous—and now he’s on the hunt. For her.

Terran Attraction by Echo Ishii

Kerylis Delgado is a top ranked fighter pilot for the Terran Republic Asteri Elite.

Trey: Son of Tallav by Cailin Briste

She’s the opposite he can’t resist.

Her Cyborg Captor by Anne Kane

Keily: Human. Curvy. Independent.

The Smuggler’s Radiant by L. P. Peace

A smuggler seeking to change his destiny. An enslaved trader desperate to go home.

Bryk by Ava Ross

Will a hot-blooded, seven-foot-tall, scaly green alien meet his match in a feisty woman from Earth?

Renegade by K. M. Fawcett

When a rebel scientist and a female gladiator team-up in the Survival Race—a blood sport where the last man alive wins—they unwittingly fall for each other.

Redeemed by the Cyborg by Alyse Anders

A criminal redeemed by love from across the galaxy.

Alien’s Beauty by V. K. Ludwig

Claws don’t make a beast. Beauty doesn’t make a person.

Claimed by the Alien King by Aline Ash

He’s a conqueror. A killer. And he’s set his sights on me.

Succumb to the Storm by Riley Onyx

Rescue comes with a price.

A Touch of Greed by Cailin Briste

The worry stone in Max’s pocket is getting a workout.

Rikar by L. H. Whitlock

Rikar finds himself once again in the gladiator arenas, fighting for his life against genetically mutated warriors.

Project: Adapt – Develop by Jade Waltz

Performing a speech in front of thousands was only the beginning of my worries…

Antagonist by R. A. Steffan

His fate is to save a planet in crisis.