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Tamera’s Fight by Mara Jaye

As a law enforcement officer, I’d been prepared to subdue attackers by any means necessary.

Vindicator by Nikki Landis

One Alien warrior, a human captive, and a galaxy on the verge of war…

Vox by Nancey Cummings

Carrie’s day went from bad to worse.

Dawn of the Cyborg by Marie Dry

On a future earth, Aurora has been desperately searching for her long-lost sister…

Dealers’ Choice by Susan Hayes

New game. New rules. One choice.

Passion Surge by Cynthia Sax

This cyborg never expected to become an instant father.

Xixan and Nikki by C. Y. Croc

Xixan is a blue, bad ass ballsy alien. Nikki is a petite, pretty, perfect human.

Dungari Reclaim by Nikki Landis

Pasha is my mate. I’ll fight against both humans and Dungari in order to claim what’s mine.

Xell’s Entrapment by Mara Jaye

After the crash, I wake up in a pile of dead people.

The Alien Reindeer’s Joy by Sonia Nova

Dashing through the snow is no fun when you’re running for your life…

The Alien’s Savior by Ella Maven

“I’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe. Even from me.”

Ssly by Alana Khan

Mysterious hover-chariot racer Ssly believes he’s destined to compete in the dangerous sport until the inevitable day his luck runs out.

Tin Man by Ava Cuvay

Officer Adam “Lemon” Lehmann volunteered for experimental cybernetic upgrades to save his life, but the decision killed his career.

Mylomon by Nancey Cummings

He’s an abomination.

A Destiny Reborn by Rebecca Hefner

Lost in a timeline that was never theirs…

Xander Alien Halfbreed by C. Y. Croc

Xander runs a fighting dome with his uncle on the colonized Planet Desra.

Rage Beast Mate by Nikki Landis

One repetitive chant echoes in the corridors of the most dangerous and notorious high security penitentiary on Falcor.

Pax’s Emperor by Mara Jaye

All of the others at the daycare follow Dan’s Uncle Gunnar around like he’s the hottest guy alive.

Snowed in with the Alien Dragon by Sonia Nova

Rachel hates her life in Alaska.

Chosen By Them by Skye MacKinnon

They want to make me their captain. I can’t even fly a bloody spaceship.