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Alien Contact for a Christmas Nutcracker by Edward Hoornaert

The Nutcracker ballet for and by aliens. What could possibly go wrong?

Tchaikovsky by Tasha Black

Can a homesick space pirate and a broken alien heal each other’s hearts?

Warrior’s Bond by Emma Alisyn

Honor. Loyalty. Strength. Elite alien warrior Benyon believes in all three.

Lucien by Linda Mooney

As the youngest Battle Prince, Lucien D’Jacques is discouraged because the affinities with weapons that his siblings have shown aren’t showing up in him.

Captive by K. M. Fawcett

Rookie cop Addy Dawson must escape her alien captors.

Radek by Susan Hayes

Radek is a prince with a problem.

Tesla by Tasha Black

A space-pirate-in-training, a shape-shifting barbarian with an ancient secret, and a baby boy who just might be the clone of Nikola Tesla…

Ensnaring Avery by Rhea V. May

Rich girl. Slave. Leader. Aide. Traitor. Savior. A lot of labels to describe Avery Jones.

Planet Seekers: Team Alpha by Tonya Cannariato

Escaping Earth is only step one.

Terran Seduction by Echo Ishii

Diana Aventina is a ranking senator serving the Terran Republic. Her lineage is one of power and influence.

Saving Askara by J. M. Link

Victoria’s day starts out like any other aboard the transorbital ship, Phoenix.

Tolstoy by Tasha Black

Just one glance and this lonely alien shifter instantly craves Anna for his mate.

Lift-Off by Fiona Lehn

The world’s first tourist space cruise launches from the International Spaceport in White Rock, British Columbia, on New Year’s Eve.

Reshaping Eliza by Rhea V. May

One gutted Earth, a dying damsel and a ship full of bionic heroes.

Alien Skies by Carmen Webster Buxton

Kamuhi Hailoaka’s desire to see other worlds led him to Wakanreo, the only world in the galaxy where the dominant species mates for life.

Lissa, Beautiful by A.W. Cross

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. And sometimes, you have to be one.

Consumed By The Cyborg by Alyse Anders

A Protective Cyborg finds his soulmate from across the galaxy.

The Builders by Tonya Cannariato

Earth’s alien progenitors have returned…

Taming the Cyborg by Anne Kane

Although he doesn’t understand why his brother chose to bond with a human female, Noah agrees to be the official cyborg witness at the birth of the cyborg/human couple’s first son.

Axxeon King’s Captive by Liz Paffel

She’s too busy trying to save humanity to become an alien baby mama!