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Taran Alien Halfbreed by C. Y. Croc

Taran is an undercover Federation officer on Planet Desra.

Within Alien Arms by Nessa Claugh

The war bride program is the only thing keeping Earth safe from the ravages of other aliens, right?

Red Planet Dragons of Tajss by Miranda Martin

No one was supposed to know. And yet, I do.

Cyborg’s Revenge by Pauline Baird Jones

They say you can’t go home again, but what if it is the only way to truly be free?

Zarros Alien Halfbreed by C. Y. Croc

Zarrus has been trapped on Planet Prismn for three-long-hard years, sent there by his evil step-sister, Zyle.

Claimed by the Alien by Nessa Claugh

Adina remained on Earth to stay with her husband, even though she was the perfect candidate for the alien bridal program on Lukrim.

Warrior Bound by Alaska Jones

She will do things she never imagined. For him. For the bond.

Dragon’s Baby by Miranda Martin

My kidnapper is tall, dark and alien….

An Alien Prince for Thanksgiving by Isla Chiu

The last thing I expected this Thanksgiving was to meet an alien prince.

Operation Ark by Pauline Baird Jones

She’s a USMC Sergeant deployed to the Garradian Galaxy.

Shades of Allegiance by Sandy Williams

She’ll do anything for vengeance. He’ll do anything for her.

Vengeance Due by Zoey Indiana

What if falling in love means the destruction of humanity?

Saving His Mate by Ivy Knox

Chloe has hit rock bottom.

An Alien Prince for Christmas by Isla Chiu

My Christmas miracle came in the form of a sexy alien.

Nebula Nine by Pauline Baird Jones

Lives at risk. Time out of whack. Is it a test? Or a trap?

Shades of Honor by Sandy Williams

She won her freedom. Can she win a war?

Hunted by Arcadia Shield

A galaxy-wide threat. A point to prove. A love that will never fade.

Cyborg by Anna Hackett

Scientist Ever Haynes was shocked when she was abducted by alien slavers…but the last thing she expected was to find herself pregnant with a cyborg’s baby.

Specters in The Storm by Pauline Baird Jones

Specters, Automatons & Evil, oh my!

Damaged by Presley Hall

I know the mate bond can never happen for me. But that doesn’t stop my heart from wanting Druxik…