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Wrage by Alana Khan

Elyse is convinced only drunkards and children tell the truth and believes the insults Wrage hurled at her were unforgivable.

Dhakhar by Annabelle Rex

When Dhakhar and his crew board a suspicious vessel, he thinks they’re about to find a shipment of illegal weapons.

Colony on Fire by Veronica Scott

When she came to Haven Two Dr. Saffia Mandell expected to grimly do her five years of medical service as the colony’s only doctor, work off her medical school debt and leave.

Protected By The Spider’s Web by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

In my dreams, I remember bits and pieces of my past life. I was a queen and in love with my guard.

Birthday Cake, Spaceships and Lingerie by L. H. Whitlock

What do an intergalactic art thief, a snarky AI, and a sexy protestor have in common?

Slag by Alana Khan

Slag is a gentle giant so damaged from his years toiling in the irradiated green salt mines of Rhoid he can barely function…

Nkarri by Annabelle Rex

Jas has spent years regrowing her confidence after getting burned by her ex.

Survivor by Debbie Cassidy

Freedom comes at a price. I just hope it isn’t too high.

No Escaping Earth by Riley Onyx

My father owns the mining company and he’s sending me to oversee the breaking of the ground.

Stalked by the Alien Assassin by Tiffany Roberts

An alien assassin. A tempting human female he can’t resist.

Claimed by Leona Windwalker

I feel a great love, and I know what will set my beloved’s heart free.

Stranded by Heather Fox

Being in a spaceship crash wasn’t on my agenda.

An Alien Dare by Calla Zae

“I love challenges, and you’re the most captivating challenge to cross my path. I will unravel you.”

Raith by Annabelle Rex

Mia made a promise to always attend her family’s Christmas ‘gathering’.

Rebel by Debbie Cassidy

When death stalks the night, the only way to survive is to become the hunter.

Fueling the Fire by Riley Onyx

I work security. I like big weapons and I’m not afraid of a fight.

Warrior Hunted by Alaska Jones

Abducted and held captive on an alien planet, all Tiana wants is to escape.

Aubin by Annabelle Rex

Sophie Cotton doesn’t want to take the Match test that will find her perfect partner among the billions of members of the Intergalactic Community.

Rogue by Debbie Cassidy

Each Victory is another day I get to continue breathing. Each Victory is a reprieve from Death.

Power by Marina Simcoe

Five decades after the disappearance of Svetlana Kostyk, the exploration of the mysterious anomaly in space has resumed.