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Star’s Storm by S. E. Smith

Star Strauss has always been a fighter.

Alien Mine by Marie Dry

In a bleak future where government systems are breaking down and lawless bands of men terrorize the country, botanist Natalie Hanson fears for her life and hides in a cave in the Rocky Mountains.

Fireflies by Melissa Koberlein

“Ghosts don’t exist but aliens do, and they’re living inside my boyfriend.”

Claimed by an Alien Warrior by Tiffany Roberts

After losing her job, apartment, and boyfriend in one afternoon, Zoey doesn’t think things can get any worse.

Broken Earth by S. J. Sanders

Veral’monushava’skahalur is an oddity among his species, a lone Argurma cyborg divorced from his own kind by choice and to escape termination as a malfunctioning unit.

Vykor by Susan Hayes

Born without a dragon’s spirit, Vykor has no magic, no clan, and no reason to stay on his homeplanet of Romak.

River’s Run by S. E. Smith

River Knight was looking forward to a peaceful vacation in the mountains with her two best friends, but she is shocked to see them being abducted!

Aria’s Ascension by Stacy Jones

They should’ve never taken her. Now, she’s going to show them just what happens when you get between a woman and her mates.

The Edge Of It All by Jessica Grayson

As a Commander in the Terran space program, I never expected to wake up from cryosleep in a cage.

Undying by Tiffany Roberts

Orishok is the last of his kind — a valo shaped by the Creators to embody death.

Cosmic Honor by Jade Waltz

She wanted to bring honor back to her family’s name and to save her people…

A Gift for Medif by S. J. Sanders

With everyone away celebrating the holidays with their families, Medif is the lone male out.

Oasis by Jessica Marting

To get her life back together, Valenna Merchant has to leave Echo-7.

Jet by Susan Hayes

As the first Pyrosian ambassador to Earth, Jet has his hands – and his schedule, full.

Legion by Regine Abel

He gave her his soul, but she couldn’t hold it.

Aria’s Awakening by Stacy Jones

A deadly alien arena isn’t the place to fall in love…

Ha’ven’s Song by S. E. Smith

Ha’ven Ha’darra is Prince of the Curizans, a species known for their technology.

Cael by Annabelle Rex

Asha Santos isn’t interested in a relationship.

Storme’s Match by J. R. Pace

Fourteen months after a deadly alien invasion that killed billions, the last remaining human survivors are still in hiding.

Tara’s Big O by Stephanie West

Ophidian rescued Tara from the catastrophe on Earth, except her alien savior was downright terrifying.