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Tracked on Predator Planet by Vicky L. Holt

Mechanical Engineer Pattee Crow Flies knows trouble when she sees it.

The Purveli by Dianne Duvall

Can Ava and Jak’ri stand against so many and emerge victorious?

The Search for the Crimson Lady by Greta van der Rol

One hundred years ago the pirate ship Crimson Lady terrorized the space lanes, then she disappeared without a trace…

Renegade Angel by Laura Navarre

Four warring races. Three men she can never trust.

Interstellar Angel by Laura Navarre

In a galactic mating contest where desire is deadly, the only guys she wants are the three she can never trust.

Fighting For Her Warrior by Melody Beckett

Space Force veteran Laila Storey thinks she’s seen it all—until first contact with an insectoid alien race, the Xakul, destroys a fledgling Martian colony.

Breathlessly by Heather Relken

The Kholorua. On Earth, we call them the Skyscrapers, or Whalemen.

Phoenix’s Touch by Tai James

What do you do when the man of your dreams is real?

Gift of the Beast by Sonia Nova

The last thing she needs is a standoffish alien complicating her life…

Angel Brave by Vijaya Schartz

Keoke Mahoe slips through the forbidden planet’s impenetrable defenses to deliver a perilous message.

Alien Tyrant by Ursa Dax

“If you should flee, no matter where you run, I will always follow.”

King of Pain by Donna S. Frelick

One planet, two worlds. And only Fate could unite them.

Alien’s Wild Mate by Sonia Nova

This strange alien has awakened an even stranger desire inside me.

Alien Stolen by Julie K. Cohen

A Mail Order Bride. An Assassination Plot. And one Warrior who’s lost his way.

Angel Fierce by Vijaya Schartz

Something’s rotten on the angel planet.

Possessed by the Alien Prince by Krista Luna

I do not need to trust my fated mate. I need to claim her.

Rescued By Her Enemy by January Bell

As a pawn of Impericorps, I’m expendable.

Trained by the Interstellar Renegade by Ami Wright

He’s the captive she never wanted. She’s the trainer he never knew he needed.

Angel Mine by Vijaya Schartz

What in the frozen hells of Laxxar prompted Fianna to pursue her quarry to this forbidden blue planet?

Broken Bonds by Maria A. Perez

She’s fighting a war for her freedom, her family, and her heart.