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Ensnared by Tiffany Roberts

He’s spent years as a hunter, but now he’s the one ensnared in a creature’s trap.

Sky Raiders by Michelle Diener

When the people of Barit first saw the silver glint of sky craft, they felt awe.

Battle Royale by Heather Massey

After rising to the top of the underworld, a series of tragic losses sends Ruby tumbling down to rock bottom.

Taken by the Cyborg by Tamsin Ley

He lost his humanity to save his sister…

Galactic Search and Rescue by Carol Van Natta

When an earthquake shakes up a nearby world, can two star-crossed rescuers save an entire community… and each other?

Qwin by Alyse Anders

As the Qadrus’ doctor, Qwin has patched every type of wound.

An Alien Storm by Calla Zae

Battered and bruised from a previous relationship, Vanessa now prefers a quiet life as a chef on a new planet.

Crave: Alien General’s Obsession by Hattie Jacks

What’s worse…being abducted by aliens or being a host for one?

Dark Matters by Michelle Diener

Lucy Harris is on the run, not sure where she can turn to for help, or if help is even available.

Dark Queen Rising by Heather Massey

After becoming queen of the underworld, Ruby sets her sights on the real prize—overthrowing the Crown.

Treasured By The Water Dragon Guard by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

When we travel to the Water Clan territory for the Harvest Games, I cannot deny that I’m glad to see Arnav again.

The Alien’s Defiance by Calla Zae

Orphaned as a child, Aleeya is now a warrior with standards and expectations.

Taken: Alien Commander’s Captive by Hattie Jacks

All enemies of the Empire must die. But not her, she is mine to claim…

Dark Minds by Michelle Diener

The mind is the most powerful weapon of all…

Mandy and the Tentacle Monster by Bebe Harper

Aliens have abducted Mandy and are keeping her as a pet.

Prometheus by Demelza Carlton

When news anchor Prometheus’s ratings slide, he’s faced with an ultimatum – get more viewers, or lose his job.

The Wizard of Aether by Heather Massey

The fantastical adventure resumes as aspiring supervillains Ruby and Nathan Darling continue their journey to gain unrivaled power in the underworld and beyond…

Worlds Apart by Carmen Webster Buxton

Praxiteles Mercouri, known to his friends as Prax, has spent his whole life on the plains of the planet Celadon.

A Tale of Two Thieves by Heather Massey

The tale begins with an unlikely pair of thieves who cross paths on one fateful day in a poverty-stricken metropolis….

Mattox by Linda Mooney

She and Mattox clash like two swords when they first meet.