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Earth Vacation for the Alien by C. Y. Croc

Earth has finally embraced the different alien species and cultures that first made an appearance in 2125.

Suri’s Sure Thing by S. J. Pajonas

All work and no play… Suri Kimura has decided not to go to the Hikoboshi Farewell Ball.

Lost to the Alien Lord by Ella Blake

I signed up for a research mission with five other women. Instead, we crashed on an alien planet with too many dangers to count.

Omega for Rent by Alexis B. Osborne

Fake. Hired to be his pretend omega girlfriend. So why is it starting to feel all too real?

Kral by Cassandra Chandler

Kral has respected the wishes of others for long enough.

Klaw Alien Hybrid by C. Y. Croc

Klaw has lived in the treetops with his clan his whole life.

A Fortunate Accident by S. J. Pajonas

An impending lawsuit. A dangerous job. A love from her past…

Releasing the Interstellar Captive by Ami Wright

Captive of her terrible history, can her hero from the ancient past set her free?

Omega Revealed by Alexis B. Osborne

Beth wasn’t expecting her heat suppressants to fail, and she definitely wasn’t expecting to get claimed by two bonded men.

Nuar by Cassandra Chandler

A love that spans the galaxy—a bond that won’t be denied.

The Alien Corporal by C. Y. Croc

“I’ve won a small Human Female. All I have to do now is keep her safe and get her to like me!”

Possessed by the Alien Warlord by Krista Luna

Duty demands I claim my fated mate. Yet I will never love her.

Ice Planet Prison by Alexis B. Osborne

“The courts sentence you to ten years of hard labor on Boreas…”

Rate of Return by Cassandra Chandler

When Kimmy dreamed of meeting a werewolf, she never imagined he’d be from space!

The Alien Lieutenant by C. Y. Croc

Bizarre circumstances on board our ship led to the captain putting three rescued Human females up in a lottery to be mated by one of us stranded Federation officers.

Bound by Tiffany Roberts

Ketahn will protect his mate at any cost.

Nothing to Declare by Cassandra Chandler

She’s sure that aliens aren’t real—until she falls for one.

The Alien Admiral by C. Y. Croc

Admiral Anagov has fought many deadly species in the Perinqual Galaxy, but nothing prepared him for the battle he is about to face after rescuing a trio of feisty Human females.

Tattle Tail by Nancey Cummings

Just a little lie… a fake fiancé fib.

Enthralled by Tiffany Roberts

He conquered her, but he is the one enthralled.