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The Alien Commander’s Fake Princess by Alyse Anders

Commander Tahsin has a royal-sized problem.

Joined to the Alien Skymaster by Leslie Chase

What happens to human colonists crashed on a forbidden world when its brutal alien owners return?

Shifting Loot by Danielle Forrest

Can a pirate do the right thing?

Owned by Leann Ryans

Her mate was already chosen.

Dreez and Katarina by C. Y. Croc

Dreez is a dirty-ass, purple alien from a hover bike gang. Katarina is a gracious, gentle, girly human.

Scents and Sensibility by Jeaneva Christie

Even the most capable huntress can become the prey.

Genj by Jessica E. Subject

Genj is a cinnamon roll alpha.

Shifting Cargo by Danielle Forrest

Can you live with yourself if others die?

Flawed by Leann Ryans

Cassie was flawed.

Taun and Samantha by C. Y. Croc

Taun is a tempting, temperamental, tattooed red alien.

The Thunder Egg by Greta van der Rol

History Professor Drew Torson’s purchase of a thunder egg at a market leads to an astonishing discovery when what should have been just a rock… hatches.

Shifting Sides by Danielle Forrest

A “hotshot” spaceship pilot in a group of settlers, Emma is not well liked.

Light Up the Dark by Selene Grace Silver

Abducted, stripped and tossed into a spaceship’s dark holding cell, a young artist discovers that she’s not the only living creature trapped in the ice-cold jail.

Used by Leann Ryans

It’s for the good of the species.

Earth Christmas for the Alien by C. Y. Croc

When Sanffa Claw’s spaceship crashes on Earth, a bang to the head gives him temporary memory loss.

Soul Forged by Sevannah Storm

Know-it-all Oriana agreed to travel with aliens who need women.

Atomic Angel by Laura Navarre

In a race through space against five hundred sexed-up suitors, a galactic mating contest is reaching its climax.

Razer’s Edge by Selene Grace Silver

An anti-hero slips into a dark burlesque club, nothing more on his mind than locating the club owner’s locked safe and leaving with its treasure…

Keeping His Mate by Ivy Knox

Bruvix thought rescuing an unconscious human female from a notorious slaver was the right thing to do…

Earth Halloween for the Alien by C. Y. Croc

Gargo has a gig booked on Earth in an exclusive Vegas nightclub for Halloween.