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DaR by Jennifer Julie Miller

n the blink of an eye, my whole world has collapsed around me.

Havoc: Alien Captain’s Alliance by Hattie Jacks

I’m wanted by the Empire and not one, but two massive aliens…

Project: Adapt – Reboot by Jade Waltz

My Circuli nestmates require my constant presence in order to heal making it impossible to accomplish anything else.

Deceiving the Alien by Lily Thomas

Fire, drought, crop failure. Ever since they landed on this planet, it’s been one crisis after another.

Weixler by Alyse Anders

Weixler has a plan for everything.

Healed by the Stars by Jade Waltz

Rejected by my fated mates while pregnant was only the beginning of my worries…

Wave Rider by Michelle Diener

Isolated… Verdant String scientist, Anja Farucci, is frightened.

Seducing the Enemy by Lily Thomas

Adira was created by the government to be a weapon…

Sentry by Rhea V. May

She will have her revenge, even if she must chase them to the ends of the universe.

Wicked Prisoner by Lily Thomas

Jade Meeks is pursuing her career as a prison ship guard, but every time she looks for advancement, she’s pushed to the side.

Haze by Aline Ash & Skye Castel

I’m screwed. First, I’m snatched by toad-like aliens, and then their spaceship crashes.

Call To Me by Linda Mooney

He has to get back to his own world and his baby daughter, but can he survive losing Samra a second time?

Scout by Rhea V. May

An alien prince whose soul’s as dark as coal meets a human woman who’s all heart.

Abraxx by Alana Khan

Abraxx, a recently-freed gladiator, risks his newfound freedom in a daring attempt to rescue Juno.

High Flyer by Michelle Diener

Flying the head-of-planet around isn’t a job for the faint of heart.

Alien Awoken by Julie K. Cohen

Baby on Board. Blue, horned alien flying ship. Help!

Trailblazer by Michelle Diener

He’s on a mission… She’s running for her life…

Charming His Mate by Ivy Knox

Ahlvo saved my life, and now I need to find a way to save his.

Breakeven by Michelle Diener

Dee had been fighting one war, only to find herself caught up in another…