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Her Rebel Alien Lover by Nora Blaze

I’ve been abducted by aliens, thrown into an interstellar war, and stranded on a desolate, deadly planet.

Ruled by Arcadia Shield

A mission that can’t fail. A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart.

Vindicator by Nikki Landis

One Alien warrior, a human captive, and a galaxy on the verge of war…

Vox by Nancey Cummings

Carrie’s day went from bad to worse.

Mylomon by Nancey Cummings

He’s an abomination.

Warrior Revealed by Stephanie West

After the week Nadzia had, she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Claimed by the Alien King by Aline Ash

He’s a conqueror. A killer. And he’s set his sights on me.

Rikar by L. H. Whitlock

Rikar finds himself once again in the gladiator arenas, fighting for his life against genetically mutated warriors.

Warrior’s Captive by Emma Alisyn

Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior ruthlessly hunts down his mate’s enemies.

Brak by Kenzie Kelly

She expected a boring post babysitting scientists. She got an intergalactic war and a one-way trip to a distant universe.

The Commander’s Fated Mate by Lily Anton

He is a Commander of the Debir Forces. One with countless accolades behind him.

Her Rebel Alien Warrior by Nora Blaze

The enemy killed our future when they killed our mates.

Matched by L. H. Whitlock

Golan is pillaging the galaxy, Harvesting planets for their Synthnic, and destroying entire civilizations.

Homeworld for the Holidays by Cassandra Chandler

He wanted to spend Christmas with the girl of his dreams—but never dreamt they’d spend it in space!

Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate by Charmaine Ross

One fed up brother. One brash human slave.

Alien Goddess: Eden by Zina Wes

Eden’s lifelong dream to join an off-planet archaeological expedition turns into a living nightmare when her vessel gets boarded by Makaen…

Endless by Kate Rudolph

There’s only one woman for this playboy…

The Warlord Season by Libby Doyle

Tyranny often comes from within. Beware the warlord.

Protected by the Alien Space Pirate by Charmaine Ross

One Rasidian Space Pirate. One stolen human female.

Kalen by Nancey Cummings

Sent on a mission to backwards Earth, alien physician Kalen never expected to find his destined mate.