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Earth Forged by Sevannah Storm

Guilt hounds Izzy, who caused her sister’s injury and subsequent blindness.

Shadow Forged by Sevannah Storm

Forty-year-old Caroline is too old to start dating…

Star Forged by Sevannah Storm

Macy is feeling a little left out, as usual. Who would have thought moving from one planet to another wouldn’t change that loneliness?

War Forged by Sevannah Storm

Being kidnapped by aliens does not sit well with Quinlan.

Sun Forged by Sevannah Storm

Meeting a drop-dead gorgeous man, who falls onto a knee the first time they meet, sounded too good to be true for Ava.

Fate Forged by Sevannah Storm

He’ll start a war and kill anyone who dares stop him, just to have her back in his arms.

Soul Forged by Sevannah Storm

Know-it-all Oriana agreed to travel with aliens who need women.

The Gifting by Linda Mooney

Her world had sent her into space to die. Now it wants her back to make sure she does.