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Juggernaut by Laurie A. Green

Lieutenant Commander Dekessa “Dek” Garr is second-in-command of a security force that protects a discovery buried deep inside an ancient lava tube.

Married to My Alien Valentine by Alma Nilsson

I am the Ambassador to the Agnorrian Empire…

Seven Days on the Capital Planet: Harmony’s Investigative Report by Alma Nilsson

The Alliance Empire’s second human, Empress Drusilla, has invited Ms. Harmony Lane, a renowned investigative journalist, to the Capital Planet for seven days for an in-depth visit…

The Ward of House Rega by Alma Nilsson

Ellie watched her mother’s execution shortly after she arrived in the Alliance Empire. Now she is the Ward of House Rega.

Restaurateur in the Alliance Empire by Alma Nilsson

Jade has just opened the first human restaurant in the illustrious Alliance Empire.

Deviant Challenged by Robin O’Connor

My own people tried to kill me. Now I need to convince this grumpy gladiator to help me.

The Akseli by Dianne Duvall

Simone has hunted and slain psychotic vampires night after night for hundreds of years and desperately needs a change.

The Commander’s Warrior Mate by A. R. Kayne

She’s filthy, she’s murderous, and she lives in a cave.

Gift of the Beast by Sonia Nova

The last thing she needs is a standoffish alien complicating her life…

The Alien’s Boss by Gemma Voss

My alien mate doesn’t believe in love.

Taken by Mary Brock Jones

Fix your planet before we have to, warns the Alliance—and take it from you.

Kiss of Eon by Anna Hackett

When the vital alliance between Earth and the Eon Empire depends on her playing war games with an arrogant, infuriating Eon warrior, what could go wrong?

The Indenture & The Alien Prince by Gemma Voss

I’m a nobody. I was sure that I could make it through this indenture without being noticed, but a mysterious alien tells me he wants me for his mate.

Chloe’s Turn by Keri Kruspe

When Chloe Reid ends up on the FBI’s most wanted list, the offer from the Alien Exchange fits right into her plans.

Miracle of the Beast by Sonia Nova

Leaving Earth was no longer safe as a human woman…

Baby of the Beast by Sonia Nova

She’s damaged. Broken. Alone.

Brak by Kenzie Kelly

She expected a boring post babysitting scientists. She got an intergalactic war and a one-way trip to a distant universe.

Destin’s Hold by S. E. Smith

Destin Parks will do whatever it takes to rebuild the city he calls home, even if it means working with another alien ambassador.

Heart of the Beast by Sonia Nova & Starr Huntress

Undercover in the shady parts of Riala, Agent Kira Medina has one job: to find out where human women are disappearing on the planet.

Taken by Erica Conroy

Respect the enemy, fear his daughter in this fun Science Fiction Romance.