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Aria’s Desire by Stacy Jones

An invitation to a hidden alien Queendom.

Ruled by Arcadia Shield

A mission that can’t fail. A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart.

Dungari Reclaim by Nikki Landis

Pasha is my mate. I’ll fight against both humans and Dungari in order to claim what’s mine.

The Alien’s Undoing by Ella Maven

“My true crime podcasts didn’t prepare me for this planet.”

Stolen By Them by Skye MacKinnon

I always knew that one day, I would be taken. It was just a matter of time.

The Alien’s Escape by Ella Maven

“She will have my babies, but on our terms.”

The Alien Commander’s Captive by Aline Ash

I know those golden eyes mean danger…

Discovered by L. H. Whitlock

The war has taken a turn and those the Renegade once thought were allies have turned out to be an even bigger threat than Golan.

The Smuggler’s Radiant by L. P. Peace

A smuggler seeking to change his destiny. An enslaved trader desperate to go home.

Spear’s Search by N. J. Walters

Spear el Gravaso—prince of Gravas and assassin—is on a mission to find his brother.

Warrior’s Captive by Emma Alisyn

Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior ruthlessly hunts down his mate’s enemies.

How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels by Cailin Briste

Cade’s fantasy is to seduce his best friend if he isn’t murdered first.

Alien Goddess: Eden by Zina Wes

Eden’s lifelong dream to join an off-planet archaeological expedition turns into a living nightmare when her vessel gets boarded by Makaen…

Victoria’s Embrace by Stacy Jones

Victoria thought her biggest concerns were finding a place for herself on the slave planet and being secretly in love with her irresistibly sexy alien friends—playful Thegan, scowly Thorn, and enigmatic Vi’kail.

Victoria’s Discovery by Stacy Jones

The last thing Victoria remembers is walking her roommate’s dog. So how did she end up in a cell, on a spaceship, surrounded by monsters?

Synnr’s Saint by Kate Rudolph

Taken from Earth and used like a lab rat…

Rescuing Mattie by S. E. Smith

Mattie Abrams has always had a knack for training animals.

Bound to the Alien Barbarian by Leslie Chase

Crashed on the wrong planet. Stuck with the wrong man. Taken by the right alien.

Jo’Aquin by Charmaine Ross

A jaded Starfleet Commander. A lonely human. A fight to free the universe.

Business or Pleasure by Cassandra Chandler

He thought he was beyond the need for physical pleasure — until he met her.