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Spthifius by Miranda Martin

I was kidnapped by alien space pirates and sold to the highest bidder.

Anzil by Miranda Martin

I’m a marine. It was my responsibility to protect the generation ship but I failed.

Dragon’s Baby by Miranda Martin

My kidnapper is tall, dark and alien….

Stolen by Alison Aimes

He’s a half-Martian Warlord. Savage, dominant, and dangerous—and now he’s on the hunt. For her.

Savage Desire by Tiffany Roberts

He’s violent, volatile, and loves a good fight. She’s small and sweet—and everything he craves.

Lost in the Deep End by Jessica Grayson

Destined to be together…destined to be apart.

Warriors of St. Antoni by Gail Daley

On the frontier world of St. Antoni, you got tough—or you got dead.

Pulled by the Tail by Nancey Cummings

Wife Wanted: Aristocrat Needs an Heir. Fertile Females Only.

As Timeless As Stone by Maeve Alpin

Though society stands in their way, can love transcend time with the aid of robots and magic?

Project Enterprise Short Stories by Pauline Baird Jones

Two short stories from the Project Enterprise universe.

Steamrolled by Pauline Baird Jones

With all of time at risk, it’s a bad time to fall in love…unless it’s the only time…

Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

Jack the Ripper might be in town.

Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones

Colonel Carey (from The Key and Girl Gone Nova) takes a test “flight” through the Garradian time-space portal, but an unexpected impact lands him somewhere and somewhen unintended.